Your Emergency Plan

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If at all possible, you may want to look at some of the following suggestions. However, the safety of you and your children have to be your first priority.

It is quite common for women to arrive with minimal belongings. Iris Kirby House staff want to help you and your children plan a safe exit from your abusive household. Here are some quick tips:

  • Find a family member or friend to stay with.
  • Obtain a list of emergency numbers.
  • Pack a bag with emergency items for you and your children.
  • Keep copies of medical cards and birth certificates in a safe place, e.g. with a friend.
  • Arrange for a friend or family member to come get you if need be.
  • If possible, hide a spare house and car key in a safe place.
  • Gather essential personal belongings like your identification, banking access and SIN card.
  • Find a place to leave pets if you need to keep them safe.
  • Make contact with the shelter/safe house.

It’s never too soon or too late to find out which laws and agencies offer help and protection for you and your children. Iris Kirby House can refer and advocate you to the appropriate agencies.

If you think you are being abused, you are not alone and you are not to blame. You cannot control the violence. We can help.

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