Press Release

29 Jan Press Release


Iris Kirby House issued the following press release with the delivery of five years of its audited financial statements to the CBC reporter Antle this morning:

In 2006 Government  began devolving  the programming of the various Transition Houses in Newfoundland & Labrador to the Regional Health Authorities (RHA’s) throughout the Province.  This devolution process was to include the RHA’s entering into Service Agreements with the independent shelters.

To date, Eastern Health and Iris Kirby House have not entered into a service agreement but their respective solicitors are continuing to negotiate the terms, as a consequence there is no legal agreement covering the delivery of financial statements to Eastern Health.
Since the time of the devolution, the Transition House Association of Newfoundland & Labrador (THANL) has proposed the development of one service agreement to bind all shelters as part of its ongoing activities on behalf of the transition house community.  In addition the Association has encouraged government to resume direct responsibility over this important program funding for consistency and reporting purposes.

While awaiting the conclusion of an appropriate Service Agreement, IKH in maintaining transparency of it public funds, offered Eastern Health to come on site and review its annual audited financial statements at any time.  IKH also extended the same invitation to CBC.  Both offers being communicated since the original access to information request was made for historical and current statements.
The last Service Agreement signed with Iris Kirby House and its funders was concluded with the Department of Health and Community Services many years ago, and when the Department of Health and Community Services requested IKH to provide its financial statements in the fall of 2014, as part of IKH’s budgetary process, IKH complied with that request to the Department immediately.
In an effort to avoid the innuendo created to damage the Organizations good name in the Community, IKH released its financial records to CBC today.

For the protection of those seeking our services we will not be commenting any further on this matter.